Tips if You Need Collision Repair

If you have been in an accident, here are some helpful tips if you need collision repair:

  1. Always obtain a police report! The damage may not look bad at the time of the accident, but collision repairs are not cheap and you may need to use insurance to get your vehicle repaired, so definitely call the police to the scene if possible. Its very helpful for the insurance to have a police report, so they can figure out who’s responsible to pay for the collision repairs.
  2. Call the responsible insurance company and file your claim. You do not need to know how much the repairs will cost. This “First Notice of Loss” is all about providing the insurance with the facts of loss and the areas of your vehicle that sustained damage. At this time, the insurance company will also provide you with a claim number.
  3. Call or come by Turk’s Collision Repair for an Estimate and to schedule your repairs! Once your claim is filed you can come by the body shop for photos and an estimate to repair. This “Preliminary Estimate” will be pretty basic and have the obvious damage and items of concern documented to get the repair started. We can send this information to the insurance company on your behalf if you would like us to. The final cost of repairs will not be known until your collision repairs are nearly completed. Many things change during the course of repairs and the body shop typically handles any supplemental items directly with the insurance.
  4. Remember YOU have the RIGHT to choose WHO repairs your vehicle! No matter how much the insurance company may try to influence you to go to a shop of THEIR choosing, DON’T BOTHER. Politely tell them you already have a collision repair shop that you intend to use. They CANNOT force you to go to their collision repair shop. Don’t let them scare you into going to their collision repair shop. They may try to tell you they won’t pay for the repairs, or that your body shop might charge you out of pocket, or not guarantee their work. These strongarm tactics are used frequently, but don’t fall for it.
  5. Remember we’re here for you whenever you need help! If you don’t know what steps you should take next, or need honest advice, keep in mind that Turk’s Collision Repair in Minooka has been servicing its neighbors for over a decade. We have repaired thousands of vehicles. We believe in putting our customers first. We strive to go above and beyond, making sure that our auto body repairs and refinishing are above collision industry standards. We utilize the best replacement parts possible. We offer a lifetime guarantee!