Collision Repair During Covid 19 Coronavirus

Hyundai Collision RepairThis recent Hyundai collision repair during Covid 19 Coronavirus is an example of one of the reasons we are here to serve our community as an essential business. Auto body shops are deemed essential businesses and while not every scratch and dent would be considered essential to get repaired right now, there are vehicles that have more severe damage and need to be repaired and put back in service. We want to express our appreciation to this particular client who is a first responder and depends on their vehicle to get to work and serve the public, as well as take care of their own family’s needs.

We all owe a huge thanks to and should be grateful for our first responders who are real-life superheros… Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), paramedics, firefighters, and police officers!

Some of the first people who come to mind when we consider essential services and businesses are our medical professionals and first responders, but there are so many others who are of paramount importance during these times as well. There are many people out there performing their jobs including the unsung heros driving tow trucks, maintaining infrastructure and hospital staff, the folks working at the pharmacies and grocery stores, making deliveries, picking up garbage, people making sure there are grocery stores and gas stations open, military personnel, governmental administration, farmers, producers, supply chain and logistics and more. These people are out there, helping us get through day to day during these uncertain times. For people who need their vehicles repaired, Turk’s Collision Repair Minooka is here to service your needs.